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gianmarco cerato founder 1
gianmarco cerato founder

Gianmarco Cerato

Founder Green Ramp

“I have been working since 2020 in the family business. Professionalism and Intrapreneurship, these are the qualities that allowed me to create GreenRamp. I have always been passionate about motorcycles, starting from a 125 up to a 900.

I will be able to help you with any needs.”

About Tecma

The TECMA company was founded in 1987 by the CERATO brothers and has since than we are specialized in garden machinery. From a small Italian market, the company now sells the machines throughout Europe. Most of the material is produced in-house to have the best quality and fast delivery times.

All parts manufactured or purchased from suppliers are tested by quality control to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

During the year, the company implemented a sheet metal bending area with CNC machines, a turning area with an automatic lathe, and several assembly stations. Now the company produces only niche products such as GreenRamp, allowing it to have the best quality control in-house.Since 2020, we entered in the motorcycle transportation market with our automated ramp, GreenRamp. After more than 3 years of study and design, the final product came to life, revolutionizing the motorcycle transportation system.

Tecma is Specialized in

Gardening equipement

From the project to the life

sheet metal bending

with CNC machines

Lathe processing

with CNC lathe


small quantity projects


Tecma Srl

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