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The perfect solution for loading and unloading your motorcycle easily and safely

What is Green Ramp?

Green Ramp is a mechanized loading and unloading ramp for motorcycles. The GreenRamp project came to life in 2021 when its creator needed to load his motorcycle onto a low and narrow van. The operation proved to be complex and risky. After testing various similar products on the market, none met the expected quality criteria. It came the idea to create a product that was superior to others and guaranteed better quality.

Compared to other ramps in the same industry we guarantee:

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Green Ramp offers you

AFFIDABILITA' rampa di carico green ramp


We are a company that has been on the market for years. Thanks to our way of working we are appreciated throughout Europe for our

INNOVAZIONE rampa di carico green ramp


Every project we bring to life aims to be innovative and useful to improve the lives and work of our customers. Green Ramp aims to give you the opportunity to be comfortable and safe in moving your motorbike.

AFFIDABILITA' rampa di carico green ramp


Like every projects made by TECMA, Green Ramp is also strictly Made In Italy. Produced in our supply chain, every step is carefully controlled and tested, as well as having a state-of-the-art design.


"Greenramp, I met them by coincidence, after a visit to their company, time to talk to Davide and Gianmarco and their wonderful creation was already on my cart, installed and fully functional and of infinite comfort, great company, great people"
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Andrea Briano
Founder Bmoto &

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